Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Rehab Club brags from January 2018 (Silence is golden)

Silence is golden

Standing quietly, watching two dogs move around calmly and check in with their humans for support and praise.

For us, that’s the stuff of smothered cheers. Silent celebrations, and huge grins.

Sometimes life is all too hectic and we miss the chance to slow down and really watch our dogs.

If your dog tends to react to other dogs by barking, lunging or screaming then you probably have reflexes like a steel spring.

When was the last time your “reactive” dog could just hang around and watch another dog safely?

Rehab Club is our special wee bubble where we make the real world more predictable. You can relax and feel safe enough to let your dog make their own choices.

You might even be surprised by the progress you have made without realising – just like our amazing January group!

January Brags

Janey (GSD) and Elsie (Staffie cross) successfully walked on relaxed short leads, practiced approaching, passing each other and making awesome choices.

Mabli (staffie) learned how to get closer to other dogs and people without losing her mind to excitement.

And Bounce (Shipperke) practiced relaxing around young, bouncy dogs in a safe space where no-one was running over or threatening him.

Clare and I are SO very proud of all the hard work these folk put in, and we love seeing it pay off. We’ve promised to start filming the sessions so we can show just how big these changes are!

Want to experience that blissful calmness with your dog?

You need to have started a behaviour package with Well Connected Canine, want more chances to practice and be ready to work with a super supportive group of people!  Drop us an email to info@wellconnectedcanine.co.uk to check for spaces on Sunday 18th February (venue near South Cave).

There are just four places available each month so don’t delay!

Enjoy those silences

Morag and Clare

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