Monday, 15 May 2017

But I've tried that and my dog still ignored me

Ever catch yourself saying “I tried using that method and it just didn’t work”, or “using treats just doesn’t work for my dog”, or “my dog goes deaf outside so there’s no point trying to train a recall”?

Are you sometimes a little bit of a “know it all”?

When we start to think we really do know it all (or in dog training that we’ve tried it all before) then our brains start to close down. 

Our focus narrows and we stop looking for opportunities or new ideas.

The Really Reliable Recall workshop this weekend had a range of handlers from experienced dog owners to first-time-worried-about-getting-it-wrong people.   

We shared our most embarrassing recall failure stories – I can’t reveal the details because what gets told at workshops stays at workshops! But there were sheep, rabbits, poo, squirrels, picnics and more…

Everyone went home having learned at least one new thing, and more importantly they left with a clear detailed action plan of what to do next. That included the experienced dog handlers and the dog trainers.

We never stop learning, and we should always be challenging our beliefs about dog training, breed characteristics and the most effective way to teach. 

Critical thinking is hugely important too – not just doing something because it’s always been done that way, but stopping to ask why or how it works.

If you think YOUR dog training knowledge isn’t quite up to scratch, or you’d like a different perspective on training key skills to any dog, why not join me for a one day Dog Training Fundamentals workshop on Saturday 8th July. 

Have a fabulous week and keep asking those tough questions!

Morag and the collie girls

PS if you're too far away from us to attend the workshop, why not Borrow My Brain for expert help and advice through the magic of Skype Borrow Morag's Brain!

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