Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Are you getting unreasonably grumpy on your daily walks?

Have you ever had that sudden flash of irritation when someone else finds that secret walking spot? 

It’s taken you ages to find the best, safest, calmest places to have ‘normal’ walks and some unreasonable person is using your path!

Sometimes we end up using management a lot just because it’s easier. So when someone else interferes with it we get grumpy.

Don’t get me wrong, management is vital in helping your dog to stay calm while you work on their challenges. But the point of management is that you’re also training for the real world and eventually you combine the training + real situations.

If you feel like your training has gone off the boil, or that you’re a management/avoidance expert but would like to tackle more realistic situations then try one of our Rehab Club sessions.
We’ll give you a safe controlled environment with expert supervision, plus coffee, cake and a supportive listening ear. 

Getting involved

If you’ve completed a behavioural assessment or training package with Well Connected Canine then you are eligible for Rehab Club.

The next sessions are running in the morning of Sunday 4th June at our usual venue in South Cave.

There are a maximum of FOUR places per session, so email Laura at the office ASAP to book your place http://www.wellconnectedcanine.co.uk/classes/

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