Monday, 27 February 2017

Making mistakes with confidence - here's how to do it!

Monday 15th April 2013 was something of a revelation for me, a real lightbulb moment.

And yes, I was at a P!nk concert rather than at a dog training conference.

The part that is still resonating in my heart even now was when P!nk went ahead and played piano live (second time ever on a tour). She was good. And she messed up a little, in public, yet laughed and carried on.

Relevance to dog training?! Well, I think it’s pretty darn important that we don't expect perfection from ourselves or our canine companions EVEN after lots of hard work and practice.

Mistakes are a natural part of learning, it’s about having the confidence and resilience to carry on without panicking that counts!

Have a great week

Morag and the collie girls

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Here's the link to what happened (still gives me goosebumps!)
WARNING she does swear gently when the mistake happens

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