Monday, 20 February 2017

Does your dog LOVE to train and work with you?

What have you been reading lately that’s gotten your brain all fired up? I’m still working through the Talent Code ( and the chapters on ignition. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about the idea of deep practice being useful in dog training (paying close attention, repeatedly practicing small sections, making frequent corrections), but one of the other elements is about igniting the desire to DO that deep practice.

Here’s the thing – an awful lot of what we ask our dogs to do isn’t inherently exciting, interesting or even that rewarding. For example: come away from chasing the squirrel, walk down the street by your side rather than sniffing every lamppost. Not that different from asking a child to study maths or even practice the piano in the beginning.

Our job is to ignite the desire in our dog so that they really want to engage with us, and do that repeated deep practice over and over again. How? By being an active partner in their learning, and making sure to reward their efforts with the best stuff. That might mean you need to learn how to play the game that really floats your dog’s boat, or break out the chunks of sausage for your dog to chase down the field.

If you’re struggling to make that connection with an adult dog, you might want to check out our Adult Foundations classes starting on Mondays evenings in April. The new venue (Jodhpurs Equestrian Centre) has plenty of space and real life distractions.

The team at Well Connected Canine all teach people (and their dogs) because we love doing it. We’re trying to ignite your passion for training and learning, but it’s up to you to do that work with your dog!

Have a fabulous fired up week with your dogs

PS thanks ever so much for the replies and feedback, I’m delighted that so many of you are finding these emails and blogs helpful! I know not everyone reads everything in their inbox (though I promise I do) but hopefully you’ll open the right email at the perfect moment.

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