Monday, 16 January 2017

Why do most people fail to achieve their goals?

Why do most people fail to achieve their goals?

Last week quite a few people replied to my weekly email to tell me what they did over the weekend, and what their goals were for 2017. There are some seriously exciting plans in your heads and I love it!

But the thing is, everyone is good at setting goals but we're mostly pretty rubbish at achieving them. Why? Well one reason is about how we set and monitor our goals.

For example, say you set a goal of running a canicross race with your dog by the end of 2017...
  1. that's a long way off, so you can easily delay taking action until it's too late
  2. the goal doesn't tell you how you're going to achieve it, how long is the race and so on
  3. you probably aren't recording the actions you're taking to get to that goal
Improved version:
  1. I'm going to follow a couch/pooch to 5k training plan
  2. I'm starting on 18th Jan 2017
  3. I will do the walk/run sessions 4 times per week
  4. I'm logging my exercise sessions in a diary and planning my weekly rewards
  5. Goal event: Parkrun April 2017
Your turn!
  •  What canine related goal have you set - how specific have you gotten with defining the goal?
  • How will you achieve the goal?
  • Daily actions you can take?
  • How will you monitor those actions? Do you need an accountability buddy?

Have an amazing week!


PS   Passion Planner  Several of you emailed to ask about my planner - I fell in love with this style three years ago. It gives me space to think and encourages accountability.   
(If you decide to grab one for yourself, please do mention me as a referral

PPS Do remember to make use of our WCC Facebook group to share your goals, action plans and check in on your progress. I've been using something I call #TakingActionTuesday as a mental reminder to make sure I'm taking action to get me closer to my big ideas.

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