Thursday, 12 January 2017

What did you do with your dog last weekend?

It's Monday! I know that doesn't always fill us (or our dogs) with glee, but it's nice to pause and think about what we did over the weekend too. Did you take some time out? get to spend quality time with your dogs and family?

Sian asked all of us at Well Connected Canine what our New Year dog-related resolutions were. Even though we don't really do resolutions it's good to set goals and create new habits. One of mine was to spend more time grooming my three collie girls (great bonding time, and might reduce the amount of hoovering I do!).

One of my personal goals is based on a 1000 mile challenge from 2016. A walking magazine challenged readers to walk 1000 miles in a year - we took up that challenge and logged our weekly mileage on a spreadsheet. This year my challenge is 1500 miles in a year, which has benefits for the girlies as they are getting slightly longer walks even on my really busy days.

So - my weekend included a new walk in the North York Moors (9.3miles), grooming for all three girlies and an easy 3 mile run. We're all feeling better as a result, and MOST importantly I've logged all these things into my big paper planner diary so I can track my progress!

What did you do this weekend with your dogs? Did you set some goals at the beginning of the year, and are you monitoring your progress and actions? Changing habits is hard for all of us, but we can totally do it together.

All good wishes

PS I sent this out as an email to our mailing list and was delighted by some of the replies! Most importantly it seems this message has given a few folk a much wanted nudge in the right direction, and I'll be following up to see how you're getting on with those goals...

PPS come post your goals, action plans and ideas on FB with us - we promise to support you!  WCC FB page

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