Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Car work part one

(note to self: also need to blog about Finn and Farah's amazing achievements this morning and at training class!)

We started the car work today with Finn, just a short 10 minute session.
  • Finn sitting on folded down seats in back of car - means I can reach to treat him
  • click and wads of food for just being calm
  • clicks and wads of food for choosing to lie down nicely, no panting
  • nose touch and paw touch for click + treat
  • engine on/off = click + treat
  • engine on, change gears, move handbrake etc - click + treat for staying calm at all stages [all going really well and clearly shows the previous work we did has 'stuck']
  • throw handful of food, click and move car forwards slightly, stop car before finish eating
  • repeat
  • repeat but reversing car (two reasons, not much space on my street and we need to work on reverse as well!)
  • stop car properly, click + treat for calmness
  • end session

Will see how it goes but may repeat this evening using his dinner kibble.

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