Monday, 23 March 2020

Training and Behaviour in the time of Covid-19 - see you online!

The world has changed around us. The situation with Covid-19 has escalated quickly and the situation is expected to get worse over the coming weeks. 

We all have a responsibility to keep ourselves and everyone around us as safe and healthy as we can. This is the best way to directly help our health services and authorities respond effectively and save lives.  

Social distancing is essential, and that means staying away from other people (more than 2 metres) and avoiding prolonged contact (in proximity for more than 15 minutes).

We are also being asked to avoid “non-essential” travel. That means we don’t want to encourage you to travel for a session with your trainer or behaviourist. It also means our staff should travel as little as possible.

So, all face to face sessions are currently postponed until further notice.  Clients with sessions booked in will be contacted directly by their trainer or behaviourist to make further arrangements.  We are a small team, so please do bear with us while we organise this.

This isn’t about trying to carry on until the government shuts things down. And we are suffering as a micro-business, just as many others are.

We want to make a good decision today, and we want to help you make those decisions too. 

BUT we can STILL help you!

It is absolutely possible to help with almost all behavioural problems or training situations remotely.

It might be “better” in person (sometimes) but as the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons have announced “you may need to depart from the best practice advice … in order to safeguard yourself and your colleagues, as well as public health

We already offer online support to many of our amazing clients (via video, online material, discussion forums). This will continue as normal, and we’re working hard on additional resources for you and our new clients.

Please take care, wash your hands, and stay the heck away from other people!

We’ll see you (virtually) very soon, 

Morag, Clare, Laura and Gina

Well Connected Canine

Building Better Relationships (at a safe distance!)

*no, there's no suggestion that dogs are at risk from Covid-19, but anyone with a sensitive/shy/reactive dog knows how to keep a good distance!

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