Friday, 6 December 2019

Christmas Canine Crafting event for the WCC Family

If you have trained with us, attended any of our events, workshops or online webinars, you are most cordially invited to the 2019 Xmas Event.

Christmas Canine Crafting

Sunday 15th December

13:30 - 16:30

Sand Hutton & Claxton Village Hall, near York

suggested donation to cover costs and contribute to charity fundraising (RSPCA York and Jerry Green N Yorks)

We're going to share skills and ideas for creating canine Christmas gifts, while eating home baking, collecting goodie bags to take home to your dogs and generally enjoying an afternoon of like minded crazy dog people!

Gina is running the amazing RAFFLE

WCC is hosting the Canine Jumble Stall - bring and swop your old stuff, leave a donation for rescue!

We're going to be making toys for our dogs and rescue dogs, sharing crafting skills and generally having a lovely afternoon 

What to bring:  (any of the below will be useful, and you can swop materials too)
  • Any old clothes (jeans, jumpers, fleeces - longer the better for tug toys) 
  • Fleece blankets or scraps 
  • Spare yarn or wool 
  • Sharp scissors or fabric shears 
  • Any existing toys that dogs have 'fallen out of love with' to jazz them up a bit. So any ring type toys we can attach things too. 
  • Plastic bottles, long socks or wool tights 
  • Old balls, tennis balls etc 
  • Crochet hooks if you have them 
  • Door mats or draining mats with holes in (if you want to make snuffle mats) 
  • Anything else you fancy! 

AND donations for the jumble table/pre-loved dog stuff

AND pennies for the raffle!

AND we're raising money/collecting gifts for York RSPCA and Green North Yorks.

PLEASE let us know if you are definitely coming so we can make sure there is enough baking to go round :-)

This is an event for people only - no dogs in the hall because it's just not big enough! (though you are welcome to settle dogs in your vehicles (private off road parking) with fleecy jumpers

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