Monday, 23 October 2017

Ghosts, ghouls and the Sniffinator

Halloween is coming up soon. 

For some of us that means silly costumes and lots of sweeties.
Some dogs find Halloween really scary though – weird costumes, odd noises and no one looks the same any more.

Sometimes dogs don’t mind getting dressed up (just look at adorable Moss) but that takes time and practice too.

At our Spooktacular Scentwork party that meant poor Rosie had to deflate her amazing bat wings because they freaked out wee Hattie the spaniel – strangely Hattie’s mum had never thought to introduce her to people with wings on at puppy class!

So, be sensible and don’t take your dog trick-or-treating unless you know for sure they are super confident with it all.

If you do have visitors at your home, best to have your dog settled away from the front door with a tasty chew or stuffed kong. That way your dog isn’t getting scared by the monsters coming to the front door.

If, like me, your dogs would rather not have monsters ringing the door bell all night why not download and print our handy “thanks but no thanks” poster to put on your gate from our FB group 

(I leave a wee bowl of sweets by the gate too as a thank you and so far it’s worked every year)

Have a good week and don’t eat all the candy before Halloween….

Morag and the collie girls

PS Does anyone else remember when it was called Guising or was that just a Scottish thing? And turnip lanterns – the pain and blood from carving them!

PPS as for the fireworks which have already started *insert rude words here* I’m using on the spot treat showers, snuggle time and a Thundershirt to help keep Freya happy

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