Monday, 4 September 2017

Would your dog still love the vet?

Three trips to the vet in two days.

Having three types of liquid dripped, squirted and squeezed onto an inflamed and swollen eyeball. 

On every visit.

Holding open the sore eye, and moving the third eyelid around.

Poking things that should never be poked, and probably shouldn’t look like a peeled tomato!

You could understand if that dog didn’t really enjoy their weekend, and wasn’t thrilled by the idea of yet another check-up visit in a couple of days.

And yet, Bronte has continued to be delighted to see the receptionist, vet nurses and the night vet every single time. On Sunday morning she even fell asleep while we waited for our appointment.

I’m thrilled that Bronte loves visiting our vets, and her tolerant nature shines through even when she is clearly in a lot of pain.

But it’s not just good luck that she loves the vet.

Bronte has a remarkably gentle, sociable temperament despite a dodgy start to life. Temperament and genetics play a big part in how your dog approaches the world.

And she’s always had regular social trips to sit in the waiting room, snuggle the nurses and beg for biscuits from the receptionists.

Plus when any of my other dogs needs a vet trip (Farah has had regular acupuncture and other treatments) Bronte or Freya come along too just for the ride.

So most of the time when my girls go to the vet, it’s a fun experience and a chance to practice our mat settles and earn treats.

Dogs don’t have to be scared of the vets. It’s a lot easier for the vet to examine and treat your dog when they are relaxed and calm.

And even if your dog is a bit worried now, you can definitely change how they feel.

Get that social visit to your vets planned now, and don’t forget to ask for help if your dog or puppy doesn’t love the vet.

Wishing for a less eventful week,

Morag and the collie girls

PS We still don’t know what Bronte managed to do to her eye. She definitely traumatised her non-seeing eye somehow and while things are improving it’s not back to normal yet. 

PPS I've saved you from seeing the really icky pictures!

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