Monday, 24 April 2017

I’d love to do Rally Obedience, but my dog is a beagle…

I’d love to do Rally Obedience, but my dog is a beagle…


Scentwork looks like so much fun, but I have a greyhound…


Have you been taken in by all those internet articles and breed ‘experts’ who tell you what your unique and amazing dog CAN’T do just because of their breed?

There’s all kinds of interesting science around why we might end up having strong beliefs about some breeds, and it’s true that some traits are more obvious in some breeds (collie eye and sheep stalking!). BUT your dog is first and foremost a dog. If we create a personalised training plan then there’s very little that we can’t train together.

Proof of the pudding is Bud the Beagle. He’s been coming to classes with his fabulous owner Amy for basic Life Skills and then TD Rally. We’ve transformed Bud from a dog who preferred sniffing the ground and ignoring his mum into an enthusiastic working dog who does beautiful heelwork because he really wants to.

We hosted a TD Rally trial on Saturday where Bud and Amy managed two qualifying scores, and even more importantly had a brilliant time.

So, if you want to know more about TD Rally and fancy trying out the basics no matter what breed of dog you have, come and join us!

TD Rally Foundations: Fridays 8.15pm (Wigginton) starts 28th April ONE SPACE

TD Rally Progressions: Mondays 6.00pm (Tockwith) must have completed foundations class

and we're holding our monthly TD Rally Club meeting on Sunday afternoon, 7th May nr South Cave

I’m off to try and empty my inbox after a weekend of Rallying and teaching Scentwork, so many emails!

PS and if you need any more convincing, my deaf-part blind collie Bronte happily went into the ring and worked for Mandy (qualifying score) despite just a few short practice sessions. TD Rally allows disability modifiers, and our dogs LOVE to work.

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