Tuesday, 16 April 2013

P!nk, confidence, mistakes and dog training!

Last night was something of a revelation for me, a real lightbulb moment. And yes, I was at a P!nk concert, the atmosphere and stage show/dancers/acrobats were amazing. 

Yet the part that is still resonating in my heart was when P!nk went ahead and played piano live (second time ever on a tour). She was good. And she messed up a little, in public, yet laughed and carried on.

Relevance to dog training?! Well, I think its pretty darn important that we don't expect perfection from ourselves or our canine companions EVEN after lots of hard work and practice. 

Mistakes are a natural part of learning, its about having the confidence and resilience to carry on without panicking that counts!

P!nk shows us how to make mistakes with style!


  1. Love that sentiment, Morag. Summed up brilliantly - we can only learn from our mistakes (or as someone once called them 'unexpected learning')and carry on regardless. Perfection is a hard task master to live up to.

    1. I like unexpected learning opportunities, it can be hard to see them as that in the moment but definitely what is needed!